Andreas Xanthos promises to improve health services on islands

The government understands the importance to the security of islander residents to have a strong public health system and in this direction we are working with a plan, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos said on Wednesday addressing the 15th Development Conference of the South Aegean, which is taking place in Syros.

Xanthos noted that the government does not see development only in economic terms and if one wants to talk about fair development “interventions should be made on improving the everyday life of the citizen and areas like health.”

“We did not come here to embellish things, but to make a sincere debate about the existing needs,” he said, pointing out the results of the many efforts made to meet these needs.

The minister also spoke of the government’s important effort to support the national health care system and provide services to citizens without insurance, whose number exceeds two million, he explained. “This was a critical intervention that contributed to social cohesion and dignity of the people,” he stressed.

Under strict memorandum conditions, the government managed to do many things, he said and promised further improvement in the future.

Source ANA-MPA
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