Seventeen companies participate in business mission in Bucharest

Seventeen companies operating in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, building materials, energy and fish farming sectors and representatives of Attiko Metro SA participated in a business delegation of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry visiting Bucharest on May 23-25.

The foreign ministry’s Secretary General for International Economic Relations and Development Cooperation, Yannis Brahos, led the mission, which was held as part of the programme to enhance the extroversion of Greek businesses and strengthen their presence in SE Europe.

The secretary-general held a series of meetings with his counterparts in the European affairs and business environment ministries, as well as representatives of the Greek business community and the banking sector in Romania.

Within the framework of the mission, a business forum was held, organised by the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs in Bucharest, in collaboration with the ACCI, under the auspices of the Greek Embassy in Bucharest and supported by the bilateral Greek-Romanian Chamber of Commerce, the Union of Chambers of Romania and the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce.

According to the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Greek Embassy in Bucharest, more than 200 business meetings took place, among the 17 Greek companies, with the corresponding 70 Romanian ones, and some of these meetings have led to agreements.

Brahos, in a speech during the forum, referred to a new government policy in the Southeast European region that will strengthen the synergies between Greece and the Balkan countries for mutual benefit. At the same time, he stressed that the macroeconomic indicators in Greece have improved significantly, which makes the country stronger in its collaborations. He also referred to the prospect of the Western Balkans joining the EU, which could significantly strengthen the position of the wider EU countries within the EU and urged the further development of business plans between Greece and Romania.

Source ANA-MPA
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