Irit Ben Abba on Gaza Strip bloodshed: Israel had no other choice

The militant Palestinian organisation Hamas was to blame for the bloodshed and deaths of Palestinian demonstrators at the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Ambassador in Athens Irit Ben Abba said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“Israel had no other choice but to take all the necessary measures for the protection of the borders and its citizens and will continue to do so,” she said.

The Ambassador’s statement was as follows:

“Hamas, the terrorist organisation that governs the Gaza Strip, bears responsibility for the loss of human lives since it makes an appeal for war and called on its people to participate in war. The deputy chair of the Palestinian Legislative Committee, Ahmad Bahr, recently stated: ‘Count every Jew and kill them all, leave none standing.’

This is certainly not an appeal for a calm and peaceful demonstration.

Hamas encourages, directs and pays its citizens to participate in violent riots. Members of Hamas and demonstrators make extensive use of explosives and carry out armed attacks in their efforts to break through the Israeli border. No country in the world would permit such a violation of its sovereignty.

The Israeli authorities have warned the residents of Gaza via all channels and by dropping leaflets, stating clearly that any attempt to break through the Israeli borders will be stopped.

In instructions via its own social media, Hamas clearly states that the aim is to destroy the border fence with Israel, adding: ‘The demonstrators are called on to bring a knife or gun, to conceal it under their clothes and to not use it unless there is a need to capture Israeli soldiers or residents of Israel.’

Hamas clearly confesses that the goal of the demonstrations is to break through the borders and the kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldiers and citizens.

Clearly this is not a peaceful demonstration.

Israel has no other choice but to take all necessary measures for the protection of the borders and its citizens and will continue to do so.”

Source ANA-MPA
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