KKE organizes anti-war rally against Syria missile strike on Saturday

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has announced that a protest rally against the U.S.-led missile strikes in Syria will be held in Syntagma Square on Saturday evening at 18:30, followed by a march to the U.S. Embassy in Athens. The rally will be addressed by KKE General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas.

“With their attack on Syria today, the United States, Britain and France, with the support and tolerance of the other NATO and EU states, are once again causing the peoples of the region to bleed, are destroying and dismembering states, using fabricated evidence and pretexts,” a KKE press release said.

“Their real aim is to control wealth-generated resources, energy routes and spheres of influence,” the party added, in a press release calling for Greece to stay out of the conflict, shut down foreign bases and pull out of NATO and the EU.

It accused the current SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government “of continuing the policies of the previous New Democracy and PASOK governments” and “involving the country even more deeply in this massacre on behalf of Greek capital, which seeks a share of the loot”.

A similar protest rally organised by KKE and other leftist organisations in Thessaloniki on Saturday afternoon briefly erupted into tension when protestors tried to symbolically blockade the US consulate, prompting authorities to use tear gas. Protestors also sprayed slogans on the floor and walls of a shopping centre in the building housing the U.S. consulate before departing.

Source ANA-MPA
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