Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on main opposition and constitutional revision

“The government and the prime minister have repeatedly referred to the essential institutional changes that the country needs. Constitutional revision is, however, a political, social and institutional process that demands of the parliamentary parties to show at least a minimum of political and institutional responsibility. It is obvious that, unlike most of the country’s political forces, New Democracy (ND) shows no intention of behaving accordingly,” government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos statedon Friday, during a press briefing.

He then attacked main opposition New Democracy and its leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, noting: “Mr. Mitsotakis and ND have neither the will nor the ability to assume any responsibility for the crucial issues concerning the country’s future.

As the government spokesman stressed, “the main reason for their attitude to the constitutional review is that ND is a party identical with Greece’s past.”

The spokesman was also stinging in his criticism of Mitsotakis’ refusal to be briefed on the FYROM name talks by Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and his insistence on a briefing from the prime minister instead, noting that the ND leader’s stance was one of “monumental irresponsibility”.

“The government, with a sense of responsibility, is defending the national line, which is the common basis for all Greek governments in the last decade. In this framework, it is seeking a solution of the issue with the neighbouring country,” Tzanakpoulos mentioned.

He accused Mitsotakis of a “constant effort to evade” the issue, even to the point of refusing to vote for a solution within the framework of the national line. The spokesman questioned whether this was a point of principle for ND or simply the “use of a foreign policy issue for reasons of domestic expediency and to make an impression.”

“The answer is rather obvious as Mr. Mitsotakis is not only unwilling to contribute to a resolution of the problem but is also refusing, with an attitude that is imperious and rude, to meet in person with the foreign minister, who was in Skopje last week. Once again he is demonstrating his political pettiness and inability to behave in the manner of a serious and reliable institutional actor,” Dimitris Tzanakopoulos pointed out.

Source ANA-MPA
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