Athens is UNESCO’s 2018 World Book Capital

Athens was chosen by UNESCO to be 2018’s World Book Capital. The institution aims to make books accessible to all socio-economic classes in the city and to promote knowledge, reading, and the love for learning. Athens mayor, Giorgos Kaminis, recently briefed the representatives of the institutions that make up the city’s Culture Network on the significance of Athens being chosen by UNESCO as the year’s World Book Capital.

Addressing the Network’s plenary session, Mr. Kaminis thanked the representatives of institutions and organizations for their contributions to World Book Capital program, stressing how “it is important to enhance readership, particularly among children and young people “.

“With your participation and help, the ‘Athens -World Book Capital 2018’ initiative has prepared a program that seeks to help books reach every neighborhood, and also reach the people that have no strong ties to books and culture because they did not have the right opportunity or stimulus,” said Mr. Kaminis.

Comprising more than 250 actions, the ‘Athens -World Book Capital 2018’ initiative’s program is set to be announced shortly.

Source ANA-MPA
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