President Trump honors Greek Independence Day

US President Donald Trump attended the celebrations of Greek expatriates in the US in honor of Greek Independence Day (March 25, 1821). “Today we celebrate Greek Independence Day, which is a very important day”, Donald Trump said, adding, “We renew our commitment to the values and principles that determine who we are. And we are united in the values of freedom, justice and democracy today and forever.”

Τhe US President also stressed that the White House has been honoring Greek Independence Day since 1987 and this tradition will continue for many years to come; “In celebrating Greek independence, we honor this influence and we remember our common heritage. We take renewed confidence that whatever challenges we might face anytime in the future, we will face them together as members of a great community of nations.”

In his speech, Archbishop Demetrios of America, who praised the annual tradition, called on the US President to support Greece in a number of issues which the country considers to be of national importance, such as Cyprus and the name dispute with FYROM.

Source ERT
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