North Events to promote B2B events in Greek Panorama Roadshow

North Events announced that it would hold the first Greek Β2Β Roadshow in the US to promote Greece through its culture and gastronomy in May.

Although it is the second year running that North Events is organizing the “Greek Panorama Roadshow“, it will be the first time that it focuses on B2B and networking opportunities.

“For the first time, Greek companies will meet with specialized travel agencies in major American cities, with the significant cooperation of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA),” North Events said in a press conference in Athens.

As part of the annual Panorama, the roadshow will include a series of events such as presentations of destinations and local products and the organisation of cultural events. It will travel to Boston (May 7), New York (May 8) and Washington, DC (May 9).

Source ANA-MPA
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