FYROM Name issue: Rally of hate in Australia

Written by Giannis Paganis for 3XY Radio Hellas

Last Sunday, the rally by the people of FYROM took place right outside the Victorian Parliament. The rally was attended by approximately 3.000 people, who yelled crude slogans against Greece, against the refugees that entered Macedonia after the Asia Minor disaster, with references on the supposed “genocide” against the people of FYROM and burned Greek flags.

Rally Australia

The rally, in a delirium of nationalism, included placards against Greece and songs celebrating the supposed liberation of the “Macedonia of the Aegean”, clearly making irredentist claims right before the eyes of the police authorities and the media, which, instead of condemning the barbarity and the race haten propagated by the participants, Channel 7 broadcasted live the FYROM propaganda, through its Facebook page.

On the bright side, in spite of the intentions of many Greeks to organize a counter-rally at the same time, they retained their composure and demonstrated that the Greek spirit is rife with sobriety and ethos.

New leadership for the Pan-Macedonian Association

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria gathered -a week late due to the rally-, in order to elect a new Board of Directors, which consists of the following:

Andreas Mpallis (President)
Christos Moutzikis (Chairperson)
Athanasios Evriniades (Vice-President)
Dimitrios Vrontzos (Secretary)
Georgios Liavas (Treasurer)
Pavlos Mavroudis (Pubic Relations)

It is worth noting that the general assembly ordered the new Board to look into ways to counter dynamically the issue and present its findings during an emergency assembly, scheduled to take place in three months.



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