Clash between FM Kotzias and Dora Bakoyiannis for the maritime zone agreement with Albania

Next Tuesday the Greek parties will be briefed on the developments in the Cypriot EEZ and the Greek-Turkish relations, during a closed-door session of the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee.

According to Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, rejected claims by the opposition of “secret diplomacy” by the government. He stressed that he will personally do the briefing, while the newly appointed Cypriot Foreign Minister, Nikos Xristodoulidis, will be briefing the Greek MPs on the developments on the Cypriot issue.

His statement came after a question by New Democracy (ND) MP Dora Bakoyiannis concerning the agreement on maritime zones with Albania. Mrs. Bakoyiannis brought back to the spotlight her party’s demand that the competent Parliament Committee be briefed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the latest national issues.

The Foreign Minister rejected in the hardest terms Mrs. Bakoyiannis’ claims that the “government is handling the important national issue of the maritime zones carelessly, irresponsibly and without previous communication with the political powers”, and added that “[the government] is ready to accept the termination of the mutually benefiting agreement between Greece and Albania of 2009″.

Mr. Kotzias highlighted that the differences between Albania and Greece concern 9% of the maritime zone and he pointedly added that ” we will not alter the influence of the entire maritime zone”, and he characterized the treaty brought upon by Mrs. Bakoyiannis as a “ghost”, because, as he said, it was never ratified by the Parliament. “A true agreement that solves technical issues is better than a ghost-agreement”, he stressed.

Then, Mrs. Bakoyiannis called upon articles by the Albanian press and stated that “the Greek government seems to be negotiating in the shadows ways to amend the balanced and mutually beneficial agreement that in an exemplary fashion applied the equidistance principle for the delimitation of the maritime zones”.

She further referred to the decisions of the Albanian Constitutional court, which Mr. Kotzias dismissed by stressing that they affect Albania internally and are not binding for Greece. Continuing on the issue, he said that the Albanian Foreign Ministry is at odds with the Albanian President  He added that he looks forward to good collaboration and mentioned that he will always be available in order to update the MPs.

Concluding, Mr. Kotzias, highlighted that a specialized team “of prominent officials is conducting the negotiations for the entirety of the differences” and stressed that all the members of the team work for the ministry. “Secret agreements are outside of the country’s legal processes. Your party [ND] was known for such practices. We don’t do such things.”


Source ANA-MPA
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