Deree College: Geoffrey Pyatt attended the inauguration of the new Simulated Trading Room

A newly installed Simulated Trading Room (STR), designed to train aspiring future stock brokers and economists, was officially inaugurated at Deree The American College of Greece, late on Monday, with United States Ambassador in Athens Geoffrey Pyatt attending.

Talking about the STR, which was partially funded through a programme from USAID/Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad, Ambassador Pyatt underlined it was a “unique educational tool” that would help recreate real world conditions and noted that the broader goal was to spread and share the US educational model in Greece.

“We believe that the two systems [Greek and American] can coexist and bring about good results for students and the academic community and Greece”, he noted.

Deree President David Horner stressed the STR was the first step in the college’s efforts to contribute to Greece’s financial renewal, with the simulator having applications in both teaching and research that went beyond the narrow confines of economy and finance, extending into the fields of psychology, marketing and communications.

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