Albanian PM Rama: We are very close to an agreement with Greece

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama reiterated his commitment to building strategic relations between Greece and Albania in an interview with “Ta Nea” newspaper on Tuesday. He also announced that the two sides were very close to an agreement regarding their sea borders that will be fair to both Greece and Albania.

Rama made clear that the Albanian side’s intention is to have relations “based on mutual respect, trust and volition to proceed hand in hand towards a better future for our peoples”.

He underlined that both countries are now in a position to significantly improve their relations by building on the work they have done to address past issues, which allows them “to proceed jointly for a brighter future for their peoples, their nations and the region” from now on.

In this context, he clarified that Albania has no territorial claims on Greece and sent the message that territorial issues between the two countries can’t exist. He also noted the need to abolish “the sources that trigger this kind of fantasy”.

However, the Albanian prime minister also repeated claims regarding the existence of ‘Chams’. “The issue of the Chams exists as a matter of fundamental rights of our Albanian compatriots that once lived in Greece and nothing more,” he said.

He claimed that “these people have the right to travel and visit Greece and they or their children have the right to claim property rights through justice, as does any other European citizen”.

On the negotiations on the FYROM name issue, Rama said that it was time for this issue to be solved, adding that a solution will be good for all sides.

Source ANA-MPA
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