Trial of four members of Allilegii (Church NGO) starts

On Friday, the trial of four members of the NGO Solidarity (Allilegii) was initiated at the Three-member Appeals Court; the case concerns the charges for embezzlement, breach of faith and making false statements.

More specifically, the former head of Solidarity, Dimitris Fourlemadis, is alleged to have embezzled funds of the foreign ministry provided for humanitarian purposes and assistance to Zimbabwe and Malawi; the alleged funds are estimated to be 5.6 million euros. Also, funds of smaller quantity are included in the embezzlement scheme, such as a 250.0000-euro fee for sending checking to a conflicted area.

Besides the former head of Solidarity, there are three more suspects; the head of the internal audit, who is charged for his cooperation with Fourlemadis, and two other employees (financial inspectors) for knowingly making false statements.