Threatening letter to Kotzias: “We have 3 bullets for you”

A threatening letter was sent to the Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, in which the sender wrote – among other things – that “there are 3 bullets for you”. The disclosure of the event was made by the Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas.

According to Toskas, the letter included threats towards Nikos Kotzias and his family. “It is not possible for people to send this kind of letters. They will be held accountable and will be referred to justice” highlighted Toskas speaking to ANT1 TV Channel.

The Citizen Protection Minister characterised as “unacceptable” the letter and called the other political parties to condemn such acts, as it is in accordance with the national interests to create a better environment.

The file has been provided to the relevant police forces and the case is being investigated.

The Foreign Minister, through a tweet on his Twitter account, said:

“For years, specific media systems – printed and TV channels – slander me, so as to make me a target. It annoys them that noone can hold me back. They are the abettors of the threats against my physical integrity and my life. I am expecting New Democracy (ND) and the Holy Synod to condemn such actions, with no buts”.

Toskas underlined that phenomena such as this letter were unacceptable and called on all the political forces to condemn such acts. The minister added that strong police force will be at Sunday’s rally in Athens over the FYROM name issue.

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