Three habits that make your hair fall

There is nothing worse than playing with your hair all the time and realizing they are too weak. It is known that there are some pretty unexpected habits that make us lose our hair. By avoiding these habits you will be able to have healthy hair.

  • Big changes in your diet

If you spend a period when you have completely changed your diet, your hair may fall because you do not get the necessary vitamins. Talk to your doctor about how to restore them to your daily diet.

  • Anxiety

When our body realizes that we need more blood in the heart, lungs or brain, then it will not send as many vitamins through the blood to the scalp and will result in hair loss. Fortunately, when stress is controlled, your hair will come back to normal again. If you have a problem with your anxiety, you should discuss it with a doctor.

  • Touch your hair a lot

Many of us touch our hair without realizing that it makes them weak. If you think that playing or even pulling your hair has become a constant habit you cannot control, talk to a doctor.