Three years since Mr. Tsipras deceived the Greek people

The 25th of January, for New Democracy, but also for the entire political system was and remains to this day, a day of great political upheaval, possibly greater than that of October 1981, when PASOK and Andreas Papandreou took office.

The last Sunday of January in 2015, three years ago, brought in power the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government during a very difficult negotiation with the country’s creditors and with the overwhelming majority of the electorate, regardless of vote, seeking a quick and clean exit from the MoUs and the prolonged fiscal crisis. Then, in January 2015, Antonis Samaras lost to 30-years younger politician and current Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras.

Today, three years and a MoU later, New Democracy, according to current polls, appears to have recovered its strength. Its President, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is harshly criticizing SYRIZA-ANEL’s anniversary in government, stressing that Mr. Tsipras deceived the Greek people, promising to end austerity and get rid of the old system, but ultimately brought about more poverty, destroyed the middle class, imposed heavy taxation, wage cuts and pensions, and created the generation of €360.

“He ended up being the worst status quo” he said, claiming that the Greek people do not trust him to solve the economic problems or the important national issues.


A meaningful meeting before the upcoming rally in Athens


At the same time, the head of the main opposition party addressed the traditional audience of New Democracy, which in the first two decades after the fall of the junta has been purely “blue”, including the armed forces and security forces.

Mr. Mitsotakis, who understands that the outreach towards the center and the center-left is a much more complex and difficult matter than the party’s outreach to the traditional conservative right, on the three-year anniversary of SYRIZA’s election victory over New Democracy, now chooses to meet and listen to the problems of those in uniform.

Mr. Mitsotakis pledges to return 50% of the back pay owed to them by the State, while accusing the government of making promises it did not keep.

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