Instagram now shows when you were last active

Lately, Instragram is testing some new tools, wishing to keep its users as satisfied as possible.

The latter, however, is not so pleasant, especially for those who do not want to share any move they make through social media. And that is because it just seems to follow the steps of Facebook Messenger!

What does this mean? That the followers of each user will be able to see when it was the last time they were active and when they type an answer.

When users swipe left after opening the app, the direct message function opens. A list of all past conversations is revealed with usernames, profile images and now, ”last active”, which shows if users are currently active.

This is done via direct message, which means that in order someone to check when you were last active on Instragram, you should have sent messages to this user.

This feature is on by default and you can turn it off!