Alt. Minister Charitsis: Second Trade Finance Facility Programme shows the confidence of banks in positive economic prospects of Greece

Alexis Charitsis, the Alternate Economy Minister, stated that the second Trade Finance Facility Programme, in which HSBC participates, is an indicator of the growing confidence of international banks in the positive track of the Greek economy, during his speech in the annual conference of the European Investment Bank (EIB).

More specifically, he mentioned that all indexes and data show the positive prospects of Greek economy, with the Trade Finance Facility being the main product of this collaboration. He noted that a total amount of 2.0 bn euros have been shared in the Greek economy, only during 2017, with more projects to come in a three-year schedule.

Charitsis stated that such funds have been provided for the support and funding of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), critical infrastructure projects and Research & Innovation (R&D). He concluded saying that the Juncker Plan was quickly implemented, due to the active role of the EIB in the Greek economic recovery.

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