The FYROM name issue and debt settlement on the government’s agenda for Davos

Alexis Tsipras will have meetings in Davos during the World Economic Forum on two key issues of major importance for Greece: the FYROM name issue and debt settlement.

The first meeting will take place on Wednesday and is linked to the efforts to resolve the issue of FYROM’s name. The Prime Minister will meet with his counterpart, Zoran Zaev, hoping to make progress with regards to finding a mutally acceptable solution to the name issue. According to information, Mr. Tsipras will repeat Greece’s position to FYROM Prime Minister, of accepting a compound name (erga omnes) and of course the rejection of any irredentism by the neighbouring country.

The Prime Minister considers the meeting to be highly critical as its outcome will determine the course of the negotiations. Depending on the results in Davos, Mr. Tsipras will decide when and how to update the political leaders about any new developments. The Greek government recognizes that Mr Zaev has demonstrated a willingness to find a solution, as opposed to the irredentism expressed by his predecessors. This attitude is considered to be positive by the Greek side, but that remains to be seen in practice during the negotiations under Matthew Nimitz.

On Thursday, Mr. Tsipras will meet with IMF Managing Director Mme. Christine Lagarde to discuss the issue of debt settlement. Alexis Tsipras having in hands Eurogroup’s decision regarding the conclusion of the third program review will capitalize upon new developments in order to highlight to Mme. Lagarde the need to finalize the medium-term measures on debt, for which the IMF urgently calls for measures so as to ensure its viability. A meeting on the same issue with EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Mr. Pierre Moscovici, has also been scheduled.

It is worth noting that the economic staff, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Yiannis Dragasakis, met with the President of the ECB Mario Draghi, and members of ECB’s executive council in Brussels. The Greek delegation stressed the government’s desire is to ensure a “clean exit” without the need to launch a supporting credit line. Mr. Tsakalotos and Mr. Chouliarakis presented to the head of the ECB the developments regarding the Greek economy and the downward trend of the Greek bonds.

The Prime Minister’s program kick offs today in Davos with meetings with investors, after which he is set to meet with the Prime Minister of Albania.

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