Cyprus government calls for UN action on “Africa” issue

Cyprus’ government reported the Turkish stance against Turkish Cypriot daily “Africa” to the United Nations and the permanent members of the Security Council.

The Republic of Cyprus expressed its concern over the dire consequences of the Turkish President’s abetment against “Africa,” following the daily’s criticism against the Turkish invasion in Syria’s Afrin, and called on the UN to take steps in order to protect freedom of the press in the Turkish occupied areas of the island.

The Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also appeal to European institutions responsible for freedom of the press.

In its announcement to the press, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attributes the incidents that took place on Monday morning against “Africa” in the occupied part of Nicosia to Turkish President Erdogan’s instigation, noting that his abetment clearly contained the element of threat and constitutes strong evidence of Erdogan’s intention to impose Turkish autocratic policies on the occupied areas of Cyprus.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Cyprus condemned the illegal Turkish invasion, under the code name “Olive Branch”, in Afrin of north-western Syria, saying that Ankara uses the pretext of the protection of Turkmens as a vehicle for the enforcement of its geopolitical agenda in the region, a practice that Cyprus became a victim of in 1974, when Turkey invaded the northern part of the island.

In the Foreign Ministry’s press release, it is also noted that “the Syrian crisis cannot be resolved by military means”, adding that the Republic of Cyprus supports a Syrian-led political solution for Syria, in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and in the framework of the Geneva process.



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