Exercise is beneficial for our heart, a recent study shows

As we have said before, exercise is good for our health and of course you cannot imagine how beneficial it is for our heart!

This is because physical exercise can reverse the injuries suffered by the heart of an elderly man who, for most of his life, had sedentary life.

This is the basic conclusion of a new study by the South Texas Medical Center in Dallas and the non-profit organization Texas Health Resources.

To get the most out of it, the researchers advise that everyone should start exercising before the age of 65 when the heart still retains to some extent its plasticity and ability to regenerate. It is also good that the frequency of physical exercise is not less than four times a week, with duration of about 30 minutes at a time.

“Based on a series of studies conducted by our team over the last 5 years, a” dose “of exercise that is equivalent to four to five sessions per week is a recipe for life,” says chief author of the study, Dr Benjamin Levin.

Over a two-year period, participants in the Intensive Fitness Program showed an 18% improvement in maximum oxygen uptake and over 25% improvement in the elasticity of the left ventricular heart muscle, which controls blood circulation throughout the body and tends to become stiff.

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