Key features of a healthy relationship

Every human shapes his psycho social identity, characterized by his sex, his sexual role and his sexual behaviour, during the period of puberty! Their purpose is to look for companionship and mental fulfillment that come through sexual and emotional communication with another person. But, which are the key features of a healthy relationship?

Some of the most known key features of a healthy relationship includes the personality, the sexual attraction among the partners, the communication, their common interests and goals, the common experience and the personal choices of each member. More specifically key players are: communication, sex and mental contact.

  • Communication

Communication requires respect, understanding and acceptance.

  • Sex

A dominant role in sexual intercourse is played by the couple’s match, which contains physical attraction, fantasies and sexual play. As long as these are maintained and mutually reinforcing, sex remains a powerful part of the human relationship.

  • Mental contact

It is the experiential course in time that as old as it gets, it is filled with values, habits, and companionship of each other!

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