Of the left wing red only the red colour of the roulette remains

An all-out attack against Alexis Tsipras for his three years of governance was unleashed by the leader of New Democracy, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis. During the vote on the controversial omnibus bill in Parliament, which was approved by 154 votes, the president of New Democracy, said that “Of the left wing red only the red colour of the roulette remains”, being sarcastic and commenting on the shameful provision, as he called it, which allows casinos to provide credit up to 50.000 euros to players so that they can continue to play. Mr. Mitsotakis wondered if Mr. Tsipras really knows what is included in the omnibus bill, as while taxes are increasing for all Greek citizens, the taxes for casinos are reduced. “Only two taxes have been reduced during your tenure: the tax on TV channels and now the tax on casinos“.

“You mean something and then you say and do another thing”

Using demeaning comments such as “government operetta”, “the easiest government the lenders ever encountered”, which operates without shame, hesitation, remorse, without any conscious control, but with the sole aim of retaining its government seat, Mr. Mitsotakis defended his position that in the summer of 2018, which will formally mark the conclusion of  the third MoU, the country will not get away from the harsh trusteeship and an informal fourth MoU, in addition to the new obligations that will be created when the government takes steps to settle the Greek debt. For the main opposition party, and for its leader personally, there is no clear exit, but on the contrary a harsh period of at least 5 years, with pension cuts, tax-free allowance coupled with high surpluses.

Mr Mitsotakis accused the government of imposing over-taxation and making Greek citizens destitute. He cited evidence proving that one in two citizens owes to the state, with 25% of the citizens’ private debt having been created in the 3-year rule of SYRIZA-ANEL. He criticized the auctioning of first homes, the daily confiscations by the tax authorities, the new measures of about 2 billion euros for 2018, the new cuts in the EKAS allowance, the new negative record of the increase in part-time over full employment, the liberalization of collective redundancies and the large reduction in benefits received by families with three or more children.

Someone could comment that Mr. Mitsotakis “played ball on his own turf”, which is the Economy. But the big issue that remains open is the issue of FYROM: the name of the neighbouring country, the stance that ANEL will adopt, and whatever that means for the cohesion of the government

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