New changes on Facebook’s news feed

Facebook draws new changes in the way that news feed on Facebook will be filtered out and featured, with an emphasis on each user’s friends and relatives.

The changes that will take place over the next few weeks are expected to reduce the popularity of news, videos and photos by companies and the media, and may reduce the spread of fake news and misinformation for which Facebook is receiving strong criticism.

The 33-year-old head of the largest social networking tool, Mark Zuckerberg, which has more than two billion monthly users, said it would now prefer content produced by friends and start discussions between the family and the friendly environment.

In practice, this means that users will soon be more likely to see something in the news feed, for instance a post from a friend, rather than a viral video!

As Zuckerberg admitted, this also means that all kinds of companies and organizations will see their content diminished in popularity.

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