The “red lines” of New Democracy on the name of FYROM

The FYROM issue, a 2-year anniversary for the New Democracy (ND) leadership and a message of concordance within the main opposition party. This is the triple axis of Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ 2-day tour in Central Macedonia. From Pieria and Pella, the president of the center-right party sent the message that only ND can bring the country back to normalcy by creating new jobs. However, his visit to villages, towns, monuments and museums in the heart of Macedonia was highly symbolic due to the sensitive national issue of the neighbouring country’s name.

“Solution to all three levels”

From Macedonia, Mr.Mitsotakis seized the opportunity to emphasize the position of ND, but also to name thel three red lines of the party on the issue of FYROM.

First the issue of the name. Second, the uses of the name with states and international organizations, what is called ergaomnes.The third issue for ND is the irredentism through “unacceptable claims with maps, statues, names, and attempts to abuse our history and the historical heritage of Macedonia”.

In view of this, and in line with the achievements of Bucharest and the national line drawn by the former Prime Minister, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, Mr. Mitsotakis proclaimed that ND would keep a nationally proud and dignified stance on this issue.

Regarding the request fornational unanimity, Mr.Mitsotakis made it clear that if the issue cannot be solved in terms of dignity for the national interest, then the Prime Minister’s officecannot look for support from ND. “Nobody should take us for granted, simply because we adopt a nationally responsible position. If the solution proposed does not satisfy us, we will obviously reject it and under no circumstances will we support it”.

Referring to the regular briefings held by his sister Dora Bakoyannis when she held the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs during the 2007-2008 period of the Karamanlis government, Mitsotakisaccused the current government for “secret diplomacy,” for failing to inform the opposition parties.

It is worth noting, that apart from foreign policy issues, hoping to project the image of unanimity within the party, Mr. Mitsotakis chose to tour the Archaeological Museum of Pella, which is next to where Alexander the Great was born and raised up to the age of 15, along with his former co-candidate in the race to claim the leadership of ND almost two years ago, Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas….

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