They must and they will go

An all-out attack on the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government was launched by the main opposition party leader, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during his first meeting for this year with his party executives. In an attempt to deconstruct Mr. Tsipras’s story of the country’s exit in 2018 from the crisis and Memoranda, Mr. Mitsotakis stated that the country’s “road map” is unfortunately already predetermined and voted upon, and it is one that causes sorrow and shame. The New Democracy president stated that as of 1 January 2019, pensions will be further cut up to 18% and that on 1 January 2020 the tax-free exemptions will be further reduced, if the crediting institutions don’t require it earlier.

For 2018, Mr. Mitsotakis sounds the alarm, drawing attention to the fact that the country at the end of the program should be able to borrow at reasonable rates from the markets. To do so, he explained, Greece should implement a bold reform plan that will inspire confidence in the markets that will become the country’s next lenders. “Mr. Tsipras cannot serve such a policy. He does not know how, he does not want to, he cannot. ”

Tour in Macedonia

After the first meeting with the New Democracy party executives, Mr. Mitsotakis begins an unofficial election campaign. On 10-11 January, the leader of New Democracy will be on tour in the prefectures of Pieria and Pella. The aim is to communicate personally the positions of New Democracy with its reform agenda focusing on economy, education, health, social policy and development.

But this visit, especially in those areas of northern Greece, is of particular political significance when taking into account the FYROM name issue.

Mr. Mitsotakis with these tours seeks to appeal to ordinary citizens, employees, shopkeepers, farmers, the unemployed and the pensioners. While the government will be dealing with the multi-bill in Parliament, which will include issues that once were considered as taboo for the Left, such as strikes, the leader of the main opposition party will have the opportunity to discuss with citizens about the reduction of the EKAS allowance, pensions, family allowances, heating allowance and the increase in taxes and levies.

Regarding the name of FYROM, Mitsotakis reiterates that New Democracy will take a public stance on the matter, only after the coalition government expresses in detail its own position, choosing not to take a step back from the Bucharest veto.

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