Tsipras: 2018 is a year of vindication for the Greek people

A message of assurance that in 2018 the country will be able to come out of the strict trusteeship was sent out by the prime minister during the first cabinet meeting of this year.

For the government of Alexis Tsipras, 2018 is a milestone year that will see not only the Greek people vindicated for the harsh conditions forced to suffer during the crisis, but also the government for managing to achieve the exit from the memorandums.

However, as the Prime Minister’s speech has already shown, the Prime Minister’s office is already concerned about the following day, after the conclusion of the memorandums. Alexis Tsipras clarified that he will seek a great social alliance, which SYRIZA would represent as a matter of preference. Therefore, he did not avoid using the word “bias” to describe his government’s priorities such as the reduction of inequalities and the restoration of social cohesion.

The cabinet meeting revolved around issues such as the draft proposal with the prerequisites, which is going to be submitted today to Parliament, so that with the vote will formally conclude the third program review, the draft on the Sharia law, and to a lesser extent the FYROM name issue, for which the cabinet was briefed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Kotzias.

The government believes it will not face any problems during the vote on the draft next Monday, but it is currently preparing its MPs for the vote on the individual provisions. The first briefing of the SYRIZA MPs will be held today in the Parliament by the competent ministers. MPs are likely to raise questions on particular issues, such as the way to launch a strike in primary trade unions, family allowances, but also the extension of electronic auctions and debts towards the State.

In an effort to send a clear message internally, the Prime Minister expressed his view that in 2019 SYRIZA will record another political victory in the elections.

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