Class-less schools by means of levelling out

It is obvious that politics is not just about economy, even though we have seen in the multiannual period of the memoranda that it has lost its content and definition, as the country followed and still follows the directives of troika, institutions and creditors. This reality is recognised by the Greek electorate, leading to the decrease of the importance of political parties, by not having clear ideological lines.

The majority of the Greek society believes that “everyone is the same“. But is that true? Obviously not. The difference and the ideological positions of the previous government and the present was clear. Even within the fiscal bonds that leave little room for the government to act, the difference is quite visible and the message is sent to the like-minded, or not, generally to the electorate.

The ban on school excursions abroad shall be viewied as such a message. The Secretary General of the Ministry responsible for Education and Religious Affairs said “Moving pupils abroad within the framework of approved school activities is no longer allowed. Exceptions are made for programs supervised by the General Secretariat of Religious Affairs.”

According to sources of the Ministry of Education, this decision was taken for reasons of financial inability of certain families. As such, families and children will not feel bad for not being able to afford the trip expenses. And this is the ideological-class theme that the ministry of educations puts on the table. Because there are people, few or more, who live under conditions of poverty, children are not to travel abroad. However, it would be possible to address the issue in a different manner; as these trips to be subsidized through governmental programs for those who wish their children to participate in such trips, but cannot afford them financially.

If extroversion is not the point of such trips, then what is? Shouldn’t the secondary school children – let alone the children of poor families – have the opportunity to visit and experience different peoples, mindsets and countries?

According to the Deputy Minister of Education, the children on these excursions stay out late partying…questions: aren’t the children of the third class of high school on the 4-day excursions staying out late? And obviously, they spend a lot of money, too.

However, such excursions are still allowed. Why? Because, after all, 17-year-old students are not voters. No economic issue exists for those who may be of a poor financial situations and have no money in their pockets, as long as they have a ballot paper