The Moon will turn red twice in 2018

A wonderful phenomenon will happen in January and July 2018 in the sky. These are two lunar eclipses, in which the moon will get a dark red color like rust.

Moon eclipses will be visible from everywhere on Earth and the duration of each eclipse will vary from place to place.

During eclipses, the moon will get a dark red color like rust, as our planet’s satellite will enter the Earth’s shadow, which will interfere between the Sun and the Moon.

The first eclipse will occur on the 31st of January and will be particularly visible from the Eastern Europe and the Eastern Africa to South America.

In Athens, however, the eclipse will reach its maximum point (that is, the Moon will be closer to the center of the Earth’s shadow) at about 3:30 pm, when the moon will still be below the horizon, causing the phenomenon not to be immediately visible.

The second eclipse will happen on the night of the 27th of July or the dawn of the 28th, depending on the country. It will be mainly visible from South America, Africa, Central Asia and India.

In Athens the summer lunar eclipse will be visible and will reach its peak at 23:21 on the same night.