Kammenos’ tough response to Bakoyanni

A sharp attack was unleased by National Defence Minister Panos Kammenos towards New Democracy’s MP, Dora Bakoyanni, for her comments about the government’s attitude regarding the Skopje issue.

“As we celebrate these days, we understand that Mrs. Dora Bakoyanni is missing the Siemens’ gifts, the paid dinners of mr. Christoforakos, while after she was taken away by her brother she’s nostalgic about the times her speech was important and she can no longer be comforted by her best man who is getting ready to apologize for half of the penal code.”

This was the exact statement of mr Kammenos, adding that: “I wish her to be able to soothe her pain with the forgotten and undeclared million she has in London. As for the name of Skopje, she should let her political leaders mr. Samaras and mr. Georgiadis to handle it.”

New Democracy MP, in her statement, had highlighted that there was not any cohesive governmental line on this serious issue and therefore the government has to leave.

More precisely, she stated: “The government, since it doesn’t have a cohesive governmental line on such a serious national issue, has to leave. There is no doubt about it. It is a dangerous government that doesn’t understand the burden of its rensposibility on managing national affairs. And that’s a hell of a word that I’m saying, but I’m doing it clearly.”

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