Night-time itching: What does it reveal for your health?

Coughing, sneezing, various body pains may occur for dozens of different reasons. However, the moment of the day they appear may be a sign of the real cause.

A symptom associated with a serious and dangerous condition is night-time itching.

Eczema that aggravates at night is a common symptom in patients with liver disease, often due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Drugs such as albumin help bile salts to be excreted through the intestine, significantly reducing the itching.
If itching occurs at other times of the day, for example in the morning, it may be due to allergy to a detergent – as the skin comes into contact with bed linen during sleep – or to sunburn.

Natural causes of itching

On several occasions, night-time itching is simply due to the body’s biological clock (circadian rhythm). The biological clock controls a variety of skin functions, such as temperature regulation and hydration levels, and these functions change during the day.

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