Explosion at Court of Appeal with no injuries

A powerful bomb explosion was reported at 03:25 on Friday outside the Appeals Court in Athens.

Earlier an unknown individual had made warning calls about the explosion to the newspaper “Efimerida ton Syntakton” and the website “Zougla”, giving a 40-minute deadline.

The area was cordoned off and the bomb exploded at 3:25, causing serious damage to the Appeals Court entrance and to the windows of buildings opposite the court.

The individual who called in the warning about the explosion insistently asked that the buildings be evacuated but did not name any organisation as responsible.

Counter-terrorism police and forensics investigators are at the crime scene looking for evidence. According to police there were three perpetrators, of which two left the bag with the bomb outside the entrance while the third was waiting in a mini-van. A burnt-out Fiat mini-van believed to be the getaway vehicle was found in Athens’ Exarchia district later on Friday morning.

The perpetrators were detected by a police guard that was inside the building, who saw two individuals leave a bag (which contained the bomb) outside the entrance. When the driver of the van saw the guard he fired one shot at him to stop him giving pursuit but did not hit him.

Police have found one bullet casing at the scene of the attack, which has been sent to police crime labs for testing.

The two warning calls were made immediately after the bombers made their getaway, at 2:50.

Source ANA-MPA
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