Three signs that show if a woman is good at sex

You would definitely want to know early that the woman you like, will not disappoint you in bed, but you should normally expect to have sex to discover it. But, is there a way of understanding whether a woman is good at sex, before actually have sex with her?
See below three signs that show if a woman is good at sex:
  • The way she eats
Observe the way she uses chopsticks when she eats Chinese food, the way she drinks her wine, even though they way she uses her fingers. What is equally important is the speed with which she eats: If she knows how to enjoy the flavors, then definitely she is good at sex.
  • The way she talks
Experts argue that the first thing you have to observe in a woman is her speech and her step. If the way she talks and walks fits yours, then you will have a good time at bed as well. If your partner is moving slowly and you are moving at speeds of Super Mario, then things are a bit difficult.
  • Ice cream flavor
A survey conducted by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, headed by Dr. Hirsch and involving 720 people, came up with the following conclusions: following several tests that have to do with their favorite taste in ice cream and the favorite flavor of their companions, it was found that those who had a taste of coffee-flavored ice cream, and who were very attractive and sexy, matched with romantic fans of strawberry, while vanilla fans (emotional types) are combined with those who love cookies and cream.
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