The vote on the government budget is due to take place at midnight tonight

The 2018 budget is going to be voted upon tonight with the government majority hoping that it will be the last one within the memoranda framework.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to further discuss upon and analyze the details and data on the Greek economy. More specifically, during his speech tonight, it is expected that he will mention that the country is on a recovery path and that in August next year it will exit the strict framework of trusteeship.

The government has every reason to express its optimism about the process of regaining economic confidence, as bond prices show a downward trend and have reached an all time historically low for the past decade. The third fiscal evaluation review was completed at a technical level in time, and is expected to be approved by the Eurogroup, on a political level, in January. As a result, the debate on public debt settlement is expected to officially start.

At the prime minister’s office, it is sincerely believed that the country will return to growth and become attractive to foreign investors. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras does not even hide the fact that he is planning ahead for the “day after” Greece’s exit from the memorandum.

The government receives positive messages from polls as well. The latest public opinion poll by Kappa Research shows that the distance between New Democracy and SYRIZA is closing and that the gap between the two parties also seems to be closing up. The main opposition is still ahead in terms of voting preference, but the difference with the ruling party, SYRIZA, is now limited to 4.8 points. These findings allow the prime minister’s office to be somewhat optimistic in terms of the fact that the climate in Greek society can change. Besides, during the weekend, the government announced the granting of an extra social dividend package to young unemployed people, aged 18-24.


Alexis Tsipras considers that the government should be consistent with its commitment to protecting housing from auctions. The Prime Minister had a meeting with the Hellenic Banks Association and asked for a great deal of attention to be paid so that no housing is auctioned by mistake or omission. Instead, he asked the banks to initiate the procedures against those who, on purpose, do not pay their loan instalments, claiming supposed financial difficulties, while at the same time, they keep their money in banks abroad.

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