Athens Stock Exchange announces changes in composition of its indexes

The Athens Stock Exchange announced changes in the composition of the FTSE/ATHEX Index Series, following a semi-annual review. The changes will be effective from the Monday, December 18 session.

Athens Water (EYDAP) and Tenergy will be added to the FTSE/Athex Large Cap, while Ellaktor, Fourlis and Attica Bank will be deleted from the index.

New additions to the FTSE/Athex Mid Cap Index include Ellaktor, Fourlis, TPA (OLTh), Thessalonika Water (EYATh), Halkor and Attica Bank. Index deletions include ELVE, Euroconsultants, Paperpack, Q&R and Unibios.

In the Athens Composite Share Price Index, Cenergy, Selonda and Intercontinental are the new additions, while Intracom Constructions, Loulis Mills, A.S. Company and Flexopack are deleted.

The additions to the ATHEX Mid & Small Cap Price Index include Intracom Constructions, Loulis Mills, Space Hellas, A.S. Company, Flexopack, Elinoil and Ekter. Index deletions include Selonda, F.G. Europe, Papaerpack, Andromeda, ELVE, Euroconsultants and Flour Mills Kepenos.

Source ANA-MPA
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