This behavior in sex may reveal that your partner is cheating on you

Scientists Ryan M. Ellsworth of Missouri University and Drew H. Bailey of Carnegie Mellon University analyzed the data of a survey on the sexual habits of young people and, among other things, found that the more often a woman pretends an orgasm when has sex with her partner, the more likely is to cheat on him!

More specifically, 138 students and 121 students participated in this study. The researchers wanted to find out if people who are happy with their sex life, are likely to cheat their partner.

From their responses, they found that women tend to pretend orgasm much more often than men, with rates of 18% and 5% respectively. And, yes, even men can pretend orgasms, especially when they use a condom.

The same survey showed that one in six women surveyed, admitted that they had cheated on their partner.

After comparing the women, who regularly pretended orgasms with those who had cheated on their partner at least once, it was found that these two behaviors in sex are combined and so, those who pretend an orgasm are more prone to infidelity.

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