Facebook launches Messenger for Kids

Facebook launches Facebook Kids, the new Facebook app for kids under the age of thirteen.

The young users will be able to make individual or group conversations with their parents-approved contacts, or send videos, photos, sketches, and more. All the messages that a child sends to people over the age of 13 will appear in the parent’s Messenger app, while, if two children want to become online friends, parents should approve it first.

Typically, Facebook and Messenger are forbidden to children under the age of 13, but it is estimated that over 20 million children all over the world are using it with or without the consent of their parents.

The new app aims to strengthen a child’s ties with his/her friends and family, but it is not certain that all parents will see it in an equally positive way.

Messenger Kids, developed with the collaboration of psychologists and other specialists, as well as the advice of 1.200 parents, while the new app works as an extension to the parent account. Finally, only parents can add friends to Messenger Kids contacts or delete messages.

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