Foreign Minister Kotzias: A state visit does not automatically solve all the problems

“A state visit does not automatically solve all the problems, but it can help to strengthen bilateral relations and create an overall positive perspective in the relations between our countries”, stated the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nikos Kotzias during an interview for “Ethnos” newspapers and explained that analysis should not be confused with foreign policy.

He went on to stress that “the analysis, even if it reaches the most negative conclusions, is used in order to highlight the difficulties and not to move away from the implementation of an active foreign policy. It is one thing to have no illusions about the difficulties in a relationship and another thing to give up on any attempts to develop a positive relationship. And we want to work in this latter direction”.

In order to resolve the bilateral pending issues with Albania, he noted that “we are on track to reach an agreement that will be positive and beneficial for both sides” and added that “it is at least foolish that some opposition politicians demand, even before we start the negotiations to publicly inform them, yes publicly (!) about the positions and proposals that we will put forward in the negotiations, and the tactics that we are going to follow “.

The Foreign Minister to the question of whether there is enough momentum to reach an agreement regarding the name of FYROM, underlined that “all the participants understand that all sides must accept an honourable and honest compromise. To work on the basis of consensus and to reach a principled compromise “and added that,” this is also true for those European powers, which in the past created delusions within the leadership ranks of our friendly neighbour that the road to EU membership and to other organisations can be opened without compromises. In the case of FYROM, our neighbours believed they could proceed in joining institutions without ever reaching to an agreement with is – something which is impossible – while some from our side believed in the illusion that doing nothing in foreign policy could serve as a weapon. ”

Finally, Mr Kotzias argued that “as we are exiting the crisis, we will be able hire additional personnel, as we haven’t staffed certain positions for the last 15 years, and better reinforce our international presence”.

Source ANA-MPA
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