Former minister certain government will respect European Parliament’s arms embargo on Saudi Arabia

Former education minister Nikos Filis said he is certain the Greek government will respect a European Parliament vote this week which imposed an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia and cancel its unfinished arms deal with the country, according to an interview to newspaper “Nea Selida”, published on Saturday.

“I asked for the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia to be canceled because this is what our national interests dictate, but also what the Left’s universal values are defending,” he was quoted as telling the paper.

“This position was fully vindicated by Thursday’s decision of the European Parliament which explicitly demands the imposition of an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia, and which I am sure the Greek government will respect,” he added.

Filis criticized New Democracy for its “irresponsible oppositional behavio” on the issue which culminated in the parliamentary debate on the deal. He also said that although Greece must support its military industry, however it should not sell them to countries “involved in unfair wars”.

A week before the debate in Greek parliament, Filis publicly called on the government to scrap the deal saying it could be used in the Saudis’ intervention in Yemen.

Source ANA-MPA
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