The objective of Greece to put the Energy Exchange on the market

The Hellenic Environment and Energy Ministry on Friday issued a public statement a draft legislation for the foundation and operation of an Energy Exchange in the country, which will envisage the creation of new electricity and natural gas markets.

The Energy Exchange’s purpose is the organization and the management of the markets of electricity (next day market, intra-day market and balancing market), natural gas, environmental markets, or/and energy financial tools.

Hellenic Energy Exchange” is the name of this new societe anonyme, who will take over the electricity εnergy sector and all related responsibilities following a split up from the Electricity Energy Market Operator. According to the new legislation, which will be completed on December 11, the state will not be allowed to have a minority stake of less than 35% in the equity capital and voting rights of the company. The whole process for this project is going to be completed in a period of three months, after the Parliament ratifies the legislation.

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