Access to classified documents on Saudi arms deal granted for οpposition lawmakers

Access to the classified documents pertaining to the incomplete arms sale between Greece and Saudi Arabia was permitted to lawmakers from the opposition parties on Thursday after a request in parliament during the week.
Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos said after the reading, which was held in his office, that all the parliamentary parties had responded to the call for transparency and had come to get informed on the documents, which had been invoked by the Prime Minister in his speech.

He underlined that this is proof that Alexis Tsipras was truthful regarding the deal and that it is possible to serve transparency and parliamentary supervision without jeopardizing classified information.

More concerns have been raised according to New Democracy’s shadow foreign minister Giorgos Koumoutsakos who was granted access to a very limited number of documents.

He mentioned that he had requested the number of documents concerning the deal as they appear in the protocol and that he had received no answer. He also said that he had seen only two specific documents from which many more questions have been raised on this shady case.

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