Facebook uses artificial intelligence in an attempt to prevent suicides

According to recent reports, Facebook will use artificial intelligence in an attempt to detect users with suicidal intent.

This new software will quickly detect people with serious psychological problems, as it will monitor videos and scan user’s Facebook posts and comments for phrases that could be signals of a future suicide attempt.

Guy Rosen, vice president for product management of the largest social network, said that the new technology, which has already been successfully tested in the US, will be applied globally, but not in the European Union, due to sensitivities, which he declined to discuss.

Facebook has not revealed a lot of technical details about the new software, however, it has created a team of people trained in suicide prevention, who take over every case. This team can alert authorities or friends and relatives, advise the user, etc.

As Facebook’s online program is now internationalized, the famous social network, according to the Reuters agency, will try to keep its employees available 24 hours a day to alert local authorities to different languages. ”Speed really matters. We have to get help to people in real time,” Rosen said.

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