Government to New Democracy on the ammunition sale deal: Your devious plot has been uncovered

The Prime Minister called for an emergency plenary session at the Parliament on corruption and tax evasion, after a question was tabled by New Democracy on the sale of ammunition to Saudi Arabia. Even though the sale was not concluded, it was characterized as scandalous by ND because of the middleman’s role during the negotiations.

The Prime Minister’s office did not hide its satisfaction with the overall outcome of the debate, and it is no coincidence that the Prime Minister repeated several times that he has nothing to fear and immediately after his second speech, he blatantly concluded “Goodnight Mr. Mitsotakis” echoing a speech by Andreas Papandreou, who was bidding goodbye to Konstantinos Mitsotakis at the Parliament.

At the end of the debate, government sources spoke of the non-existent scandal fabricated by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as it emerged that Saudi Arabia never denied that Mr. Vassilis Papadopoulos, the alleged middleman, was an official representative. On the contrary, according to a document that the Prime Minister called upon, it appears that the Greek Ambassador to Saudi Arabia was forced, after a request by the Foreign Minister himself, to reveal that his “source” in the Saudi government wishing to renegotiate the overall agreement at a lower price, was one another Greek who wanted to act as an intermediary called George Sfakianakis.

As a result, government sources put forward a number of questions concerning the role of ND, asking the party to inform the general public whose positions it adopted, for whose interests and were asking to know whether Mr. Mitsotakis would apologize for his lies.

The same government sources, however, linked New Democracy’s attitude with yet another enormous failure of the media shadow involvement, which directs the leader of the main opposition party and his team into drowning the country into a swamp of slander. Basically, the government painted ND as an instrument for certain publishing houses who want to destabilize the government.

Government sources commented that this whole conspiracy against the government has collapsed and claimed that for the second time ND tried, by attacking the Minister of Defence, Mr. Panos Kammenos, to attack the government and cause problems in the cohesion of the coalition government. They also said that the main opposition tried to hurt the government’s moral advantage and prove that “we are all the same”, but its efforts seem to have no effect.


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