Israeli official to the TGO: The only real ally for Israel is Greece

Because of the war in Syria and the wider crisis in the Middle East, each country in the region has found out who is its real ally and we [Israel] have found you [Greece],” a high-level Israeli diplomatic source said on The Greek Observer, further adding with serious intent “that this is not going to change on our side.”

“Proof of this real alliance is the East Med [offshore/onshore natural gas] pipeline,” explained the high-ranking official who spoke to us on terms of anonymity.

Asked how he views the possibility of another pipeline being laid through Turkey, he replied: “And are we going to have Mr. Erdogan keep control the pipeline’s valves and control systems?”

The Israeli official maintained that “Israel maintains a level of economic co-operation with Turkey after the normalization of our diplomatic relations … Greece is our ally … Mr. Erdogan flirts with the Muslim Brotherhood because he wants to become a sultan elected by God, Erdogan the First”,

Indeed, in an aversion to his speech, he wished that his country could be situated on another point on the global map, arguing that “The only European country that we border is you, why not just have our neighbours like you?”

Commenting on what is being circulated through various sources about Israel’s “secret diplomacy” with several Arab countries, he stipulated that “our relations with many [Arab] countries are better than they seem”, and specifically in the case of Egypt, he admitted that “Greece has a trilateral with Cyprus and Egypt and another trilateral with Cyprus and Israel, therefore, we too have such an arrangement. ”

Furthermore the reference made with regards to the Kurdish Issue was also quite significant: “In my opinion,” he stated, “it is that the West must not give up on the Kurds, it must continue to support them, and not just to fight the Islamic State.”

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