Depression: Four signs you should not ignore

Many people with depression do not even know they have a problem. Symptoms of depression may range from mild to severe and may vary greatly from person to person.

Depression is often due to fatigue, anxiety, or even simpler things, such as the inevitable fact that we get older.

Below you can see four signs you should not ignore, as they may be symptoms of depression.

  • Difficulties in sleeping

Certainly the occasional difficulty of falling asleep does not mean you have depression. However, if it is a persistent problem, if you have frequent insomnia, then you are likely to be depressed. In addition to having difficulty falling asleep, you may also have difficulty in staying asleep, even though you are tired.

  • Pain in the body

There is a strong connection between the body and the brain. When you have mental health problems, you may experience physical problems as well. Many people underestimate the importance of an “unexplained” or “irrelevant” pain in the body and attribute it to the normal aging process. But frequent pains in the body may be signs of depression.

  • Reduced energy levels

Depression can “absorb” your energy and make you feel tired for most of the day. Many people ignore this symptom and tell themselves that they simply “lack of sleep”.

  • Concentration problems

If you are unable to stay focused and focused on a purpose / activity, then you may be depressed. People with depression are often “forgetful” and seem to “constantly lose” everyday objects, such as their keys.

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