Study reveals how long the average visit to a doctor is

For half the world’s population, the visit to a doctor does not last more than five minutes, as a new international scientific study revealed. The researchers led by Dr Greg Irving of the University of Cambridge, who published the publication in the British Medical Journal “British Medical Journal Open”, evaluated post-analysis data from 178 studies involving 67 countries and more than 28.5 million of visits to doctors.

Bangladesh is placed last on the list, where the visits to doctors last on average 48 seconds, while Sweden is placed on the top, where doctors spend 22.5 minutes on average per patient.

Short-term appointments with doctors have been associated with poor doctor-patient communication and, in general, worse health for patients in the future, as well as increased risk of physical and mental exhaustion of doctors.

“Few things can be achieved in less than five minutes,” the researchers concluded.

It is mentioned that, in developed countries, the situation is better than in middle and low income countries. In the US, the visit lasts at least 20 minutes, while in Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg and Cyprus, the visits last about 15 minutes.However, the study did not report any figures for Greece.

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