14 mil. euros for “ghost programs” returned to the MFA



Information and Public Diplomacy Department


Athens 7 November, 2017


Statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the return of the money from the non-ratified Memorandum of Understanding between Greece and the African Union

Within the framework of recovering needlessly consumed funds, hidden accounts and combatting corruption, under orders from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. N. Kotzias and after actions by the competent Departments within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under Mr. Ambassador N. Vamvounakis, the amount of 3.590.957, 27 Euro was located and returned to the Greek State. This amount was granted after Greece and the African Union signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 22.9.2008 for the financing of a series of programs.

As it was ascertained, these programs were never implemented, as the Greek government at the time did not ensure the monitoring of the agreement and its implementation. As a result of the thorough investigation by the competent departments of the Ministry, this amount was returned by the African Union.

The efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reclaim resources allocated in the past, without the necessary assurances and often for dubiously purposeful programs, have come to fruition. Today, the total amount recovered, including the aforementioned return and the recent recovery of 2,5 mil. Dollars (from the period 2008-2009) after a long and persistent investigation, exceeds 14 mil. Euros.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue its efforts for the return of money to the country and will take all necessary actions before Justice to identify all persons accountable.

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