Three tips for the percect dark lips

Dark lipstick is a trend and we love to wear every autumn and winter for the goth and at the same time the romantic mood it gives in every look.

But what happens when it is time to apply it to your own lips? You know.. that awkward moment that you need a perfectly steady hand and a great deal of precision to paint your lips and create an elegant result and not a real disaster.

Well, actually is not so difficult to create the perfect result, as the only thing you have to do is to follow these small tips.

  • Choose the perfect color

Everything starts from this, as the perfect color that flatters the features of your face is the number one! In order to choose the perfect color, always have in your mind the advice of the biggest make-up artists; light-colored skins look perfect with lipsticks in deep red shades, medium / neutral skins love the cocoa and caramel palette, while the warmer skin tones are impressive with purple shades.

  • Prepare your lips

No matter how strange it sounds, but lips’ care is also a very important factor. Exfoliate using a soft toothbrush for a few seconds or use a scrub to remove the dry skin and dead cells. Then hydrate with a lip balm.

  • Easy application

Apply your lipstick from the center of your lips to the side and finish with a fine brush. If you want then use a lip pencil in the same shade for a perfect fixed outline. Finally, if something goes wrong, you can always fix it, using your concealer.

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