A morning habit that can make you lose weight

According to researchers from Northwestern University of the USA, morning exposure to sunlight, can help us lose weight.

In order to study the role of sunlight in weight control, researchers surveyed 54 adults, who were asked to wear a device on their wrist to record when and how much they are exposed to sunlight and finally how many hours they sleep. Participants also recorded what they ate daily, as long as the study lasted.

“We found that the sooner you saw the daylight, the lower the body mass index was,” explains Catherine Reed, one of the researchers. Indeed, the positive effect of light was important even when researchers considered how active the participants were, how many calories they were gaining daily and how many hours of sleep they enjoyed.

But what are the results of the researchers? Sunlight seems to affect the “biological clock”, which helps the body synchronize with day and night changes, and individual organs and systems, while researches report that the exposure to the sunlight from 8 in the morning and until midday for about 20-30 minutes, is the “dose” that can affect body weight.

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