Head of Athens Medical: Health sector to see major changes over next 18 months

According to the managing director of the Athens Medical Group Dr. Vassilis Apostolopoulos during an interview for the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Monday, the health sector is expected to change drastically over the course of the next 18 months

“The health sector will significantly change. It is time for mergers and acquisitions and our group aspires to play a leading role in these changes. It hopes to become the Greek pole, as foreign investors are also expected to come to the country. Therefore, our group aims to expand and at the same time keep its Greek identity,” he underlined.

Additionally, Dr. Apostolopoulos announced the expansion of the group in Bucharest until the end of 2017 with the opening of a new medical center, which will be the group’s fifth one. He noted that Romania is a market which faced and still faces a lot of problems, like Greece, but he expressed hope that Greece’s difficult period is over. Romania too is developing once again and Athens Medical is amongst the first companies expanding in the Romanian market, he added.

Dr. Apostolopoulos highlighted the role of extroversion in dealing with the crisis. “We have expanded in Greece; new departments were created in each of our hospitals. We offered new medical services while continuing to invest in equipment renewal and biomedical technology. We did not reduce our staff, but in absolute terms there was an increase of 3 pct compared to the beginning of the crisis. And all this effort, I think, was appreciated by Greek society.”

Dr. Apostolopoulos praised all 3.000 people who work for the Athens Medical Group, and said that the secret to the Group’s success can be attributed to their hard work as a big family, which chooses to go the “extra mile”.

Finally, he predicted, as an entrepreneur, that the Greek economy after ten years will see the fruition of all the efforts and sacrifices made and that Greece deserve and can achieve a better future.

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